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Write Better, Right Now is a 4 week online course to help you write better, right now. It will teach you simple techniques to make your writing sing. It will show you how to put the passion and brilliance of your ideas into words that make other people feel the same way. It will strip the mystique from the writing process and give you practical steps and deliverable results RIGHT NOW.


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What students have to say

Write Here, Right Now is the best Internet course that I’ve taken. Period. I saw immediate improvements in my writing. The lessons are very practical. Each day I was able to incorporate what I learned into my freelance writing. As an instructor, Abigail was also easily available to answer any questions I had along the way. I truly felt like I had a mentor walking beside me.

Bryan Richards, The Wandering Gourmand

I recommend Write Better, Right Now to anyone interested in improving their writing. The online course offers lessons that are comprehensive, interesting and practical. Abi is accessible and takes a keen interest in her students throughout the program. I enjoyed learning from one of the best and would re-enroll in the course again tomorrow – it is that good.

Nancy Besharah, Luxe Travel Family

Writing well is a core skill for success in the 21st century.

Are you someone who:

– longs to see your name in print?

– needs to “have a blog” even though you haven’t any idea what to say?

– blogs your heart out all day but no-one seems to listen?

– dreams of writing your novel one day?

– hates writing unless you have to – but you do have to write an email, pitch, or blog for that other project that sets your heart on fire

 It’s time to learn the key skills and get you on your way!

Would you like to:

– use 100% of your creative potential and feel totally inspired?

– know you’re sending out top quality material?

– spend less time writing and more on the things you love?

– build a healthy and consistent writing schedule?

– broaden your audience and opportunities?

– have FUN?!


Register for Write Better, Right Now

 What you’ll get:

– a foolproof toolkit for tackling the blank page

– an editing checklist that makes sure that only your best work goes out

– writing tips and tricks that pro writers use

– a hefty boost of focus and inspiration

Each week, you’ll get

– comprehensive training lessons

– worksheets and examples to help you apply the techniques

– action steps so that you can write better, right now

– access to a PRIVATE Facebook group for feedback and bouncing around ideas


Material will be posted Mon, Wed and Fri during the course. 

Week 1: The Secret to Successful Writing

Let’s dust off a few grammar gremlins, put on an editor’s hat and discover the secret to really great writing.

Week 2: Beating Writer’s Block

How to feel inspired when facing a blank page.

Spell-checking, fact-checking and collecting resources in as short (but accurate) time as possible.

Week 3: Tell A Great Story – Whatever Your Subject

Scaffolding for storytelling and a few nifty flourishes to bring your words alive.

Week 4: From Start to Dazzling Finish

Take your readers right where they want to go with these tips on introductions, endings and calls to action.


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How much time will the course take?

Everyone is different, but this should take you between 3 – 5 hours a week.

I’m not sure I have time for all that!

The material will stay online for at least six months and you can dip in and out in that time if that suits you better. Everyone’s busy and juggling a million things. We understand!

Does it matter that I’m not in the UK?

One of the beauties of online working is that you can take this course from anywhere.

Will there be set times for lessons?

No, you can process the lessons in your own time. A private Facebook group will be available for questions and feedback.

Do I have to be a published writer?

No! This course is part of a series of building blocks to help you get published, though, if that’s what you want.

Do I have to already have a blog?

No, but it’s fine if you do.

What if I already have a blog/published portfolio/Nobel Prize in Literature?

That’s fine too. Pros in every field keep taking training courses to try to learn new things 😉

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are possible (less bank fees) up to 48 hours before the course starts. Once the course material has been issued, refunds are no longer possible.

Any other questions?

Please email the team at writebetter [at] silverfootprint.co.uk

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