1) Stephen King – On Writing

2) Robert McKee – Story

3) The Productive Writer: Strategies and Systems for Greater Productivity, Profit and Pleasure

Sage Cohen – A lovely book on getting organised and getting writing. General appeal.

4) The Screenwriting Formula: Why It Works and How To Use It

Rob Tobin

Don’t be put off by the title (well, actually, if you want to be a screenwriter then maybe this is EXACTLY for you.) It’s a good, no-nonsense breakdown of the structure of story. For that reason, it’s helpful for ALL writers.

5) The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

Steven Pressfield

This has become something of a bible in creative circles. And, like the bible, it has attracted criticism and misunderstanding. It’s certainly a “fuzzy” look at creativity but at its core is the desire to get things done. The important things. The creative things. Definitely worth a try…

6) The Freelance Writer’s Handbook: How to turn your writing skills into a successful business

Andrew Crofts

This is the book that started my writing career. It’s a general introduction to the subject, one laced with optimism but not unrealistically so. It’s practical, uplifting and inspiring.

7) The Headline Generator

Feeling stuck? Try this fun free tool from HubSpot to help you get your headline ideas flowing.

8) More Headline Madness

OK, so the grammar needs a polish but this free tool from Tweak Your Biz helps you to write on pretty much any subject under the sun. Try it, enjoy it and run with it.

9) Proofreading Help

Sometimes, you need someone to read over your work but you feel bad asking your friends and family to help you again. Enter FancyHands, an online bank of people to help you with simple tasks. You won’t get line by line critiques here but you can get opinions and proof-reading at a really, really reasonable price.


Getting Out of Auto – a beautiful book on photography to encourage you to move beyond auto

PhotoShelter  – a photo storage site with really high value downloads to help you manage your photography business.


Blogging Essentials

Bluehost for hosting your blog for running your blog

RTW Labs for help managing your blog


Social Media

Pop Up Pinterest – a no nonsense week long course on how to use Pinterest for business (and yes, your blog, photography and writing counts as a business.)

Turning Creativity into Business

Braid Creatives – great online courses on finding your dream customer, finding your brand and narrowing down your ideas.


Using Images

mycleveragency-How-To-Create-Perfect-Posts-On-Social-Platforms – NewsCred & Getty Images



4 Free Keyword Research Tools for Video Marketers


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